The One Thing That’s Always In My Purse

Welcome to a new series of posts that I’m calling “Two Minute Reads”. These posts will consist of little blurbs or word vomits that don’t need a research paper to support. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Let me start off this Two Minute Read by saying that this is NOT.AN.AD. I’m not nearly cool enough to be sponsored – I just really stand by this product so much that I felt the need to share it with all of you!

Glutenease by Enzymedica has been a savior when eating out at restaurants and even at dinner parties at friends’ homes. Similar to Lactaid, Glutenease breaks down gluten proteins to make them easier to digest for Celiacs. It’s not perfect and I can definitely still tell that I’ve eaten something my body hates, but the pain is substantially less than what it could have been. It’s important to note that I’m not going around eating bread and pasta – this comes as a last resort if I think I’ve accidentally eaten something that’s been cross-contaminated, which we Celiacs know can happen more often than we hope. Glutenease isn’t cheap, which is a bummer, but it’s worth having around if you’re a Celiac like me. Bonus – it’s vegan, kosher, and non-GMO!

Do you use Glutenease or something similar? I’d love to hear your thoughts – comment below!


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