Mykonos, Greece

It’s been over 6 months since our honeymoon to Greece! (!!!!) I’ve been meaning to write about our time there for a while now but first it was the holidays, then getting back into the MBA program grind, and now Covid-19 chaos made time fly by so I’m just now getting to it… 

When we were planning our honeymoon, we knew we wanted a mix of doing-nothing-and-sitting-by-a-body-of-water time and let’s-actually-see-the-world-and-experience-culture time. I wanted the Seychelles or the Maldives and Josh wanted Italy so naturally we settled on the Greek Islands and Athens. I’m so happy that we decided on Greece. We know a lot of couples who took their honeymoon trips to Greece, so we were able to ask them for advice on which islands to visit, where to stay, and how long to visit each location. We landed on the perfect combination of down time and culture time: Mykonos for 3 nights, Santorini for 6 nights, and Athens for 2 nights. Today’s post is all about our time on the island of Mykonos, part of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Sit back because this is a long one…

How we got there

We flew AirCanada from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Montreal and then from Montreal to Athens. Once in Athens, we took Olympic Airlines to Mykonos. Our travels started at 10:40am CST on September 16th and stretched until we finally landed in Mykonos at 2:14pm local time on September 17th. Needless to say, by the time we landed and found a taxi (there aren’t any ride share apps and taxis are few and far between so learn from us and book your ride ahead of time) to take us to our AirBnb (more on that in a second), we were exhausted. 

*Note: You don’t have to fly from Athens to Mykonos. There are tons of ferries that can allow you to island hop, but we wanted to get to our destination as quickly as possible and flying seemed like the best way to make that happen. 

*Another note: Have an open mind when traveling within Greece – the airports are chaotic and the ferry boarding process is a free-for-all. Also, 100% worth it to upgrade to VIP on the ferries – shout out to Mallory for this recommendation. 

Where we stayed

We decided to be fancy in Santorini since it was our longest leg of the honeymoon, so we landed on booking an AirBnb for our Mykonos portion of the trip. We found a cute little (emphasis on little) apartment in downtown Mykonos Town that wound up being in the best location. Once we got past the fact that we had to navigate the tiny alleys and haul our luggage from the main street to our apartment [that was down several flights of stone steps] (Mykonos Town is vehicle-free for the most part), we were really able to enjoy our time.

What we did

It’s so easy to wander and get lost in the tiny streets of Mykonos Town, which is what we did the majority of the time we were there. A few must dos in Mykonos are:

  • Check out the Kato Milli, or the 5 windmills. I recommend going over around sunset and soaking in the views. It’s stray cat central over there, so if you’re not a kitty fan, proceed with caution.
  • On the way to Kato Milli, walk along the water to take in Little Venice. This part of town is super charming, with houses and restaurants that touch the water, resembling certain areas of Venice, Italy. This is also a perfect spot to grab a drink and take in the sunset.
  • Take a ferry shuttle to Delos, a World Heritage Site with so many historical artifacts and ruins. A short ferry ride from Mykonos Town’s port gets you to there and back. On your way there, don’t forget to look back and take in the view of Mykonos Town from the water. Once there, 12 euros per person lets you wander around the island as you like and take in the ruins of what was once the religious center of Greece and was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. My favorite part was checking out the stone lions, even though I thought they looked more like sea lions than land lions.

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Where we ate

  • Kadena – Located right in Mykonos Town Port, this restaurant lets you people watch all you want. We went here our first night in town and it was the perfect introduction to Greek culture. We ordered baked feta (obviously) with peppers, kesseri cheese, and tomatoes that were drizzled in a tomato sauce. For our entrees, I ordered a veggie risotto and Josh got a Mediterranean pasta.


  • Sakis Grill House – We stopped here for a quick lunch while we were wandering around the tiny streets. I ordered souvlaki chicken (chicken kabobs served with tzatziki sauce), while Josh got a mixed meat (chicken & lamb) gyro.
  • Kastro’s Bar-Restaurant – The perfect place to have a drink and take in the sunset. Located just outside of Little Venice, you can’t beat the sunset and sailboat views from Kastro’s. We sat in a teenie little alleyway and enjoyed a glass of wine before heading off to dinner.

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  • Taverna Niko’s – Highly recommended by the locals and expands across the whole square. Vibrant red and white checkered cloths grace the tables. Yummy food and great wine.
  • D’Angelo Restaurant-Bar – Very cute, but it sits on one of the very few streets that allow cars, so it’s noisy and distracting. Great food, but not the best location.

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Questions regarding our trip to Mykonos? Not sure where to stay or how long you should go? Ask away! Happy to share more of our experience and would love to help you plan your trip. As mentioned before, I’m a big fan of trip planning and have quite a few spreadsheets to help you with your plans.